Health Tip: Hydration

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Health Tip: Hydration

Which is better at hydrating your body, Gatorade or water?

Staying well hydrated is essential to living a healthy life. There are many sports drinks on the market that claim they give you superior hydration over regular water. What your body needs in order to hydrate are electrolytes. Electrolytes support proper osmolality of our cells, thus supporting proper function. The electrolytes our body relies on is sodium, chloride, and potassium. All of these are important, having too much of one over the other spells disaster. Sports drinks are a combination of water, sodium, and a carbohydrate. Unfortunately, the sports drinks are packed with sugar, which helps with energy and making the drink taste good, but not hydration. In general, sports drinks are generally not worth the investment when you can just drink water and eat a banana.

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